Thursday, October 21, 2010


出生於瑞士的楊文信,在世界樂壇的佔有一席之地,師傳大提琴名家史塔克(Jasnos Starker),1989年起擔任巴伐利亞廣播交響樂團(Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra)大提琴首席重任,直到2005年轉任慕尼黑音樂院為止。伯恩斯坦在1989年紀念柏林圍牆拆毀的名演《自由頌》影像中,楊文信的身影便在其中。1991年獲得日內瓦國際音樂大賽大提琴組冠軍,灌錄唱片巴赫無伴奏大提琴組曲與奏鳴曲,更獲得英國《企鵝》唱片評鑑三星帶花的推崇。

演出時間 :2010/10/20(三) 19:30
演出地點 :国家音乐厅
票价        :NTD 240

江文也    :田園詩曲
柯大宜    :孔雀變奏曲
艾爾噶    :E小調大提琴協奏曲,作品85
布拉姆斯 :C小調第一號交響曲
巴哈       :G弦上的咏叹调

[Allove 一定会爱上他]

G弦上的咏叹调 大提琴版

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesdays with Morrie

An Old Man, a Young Man, and Life's Greatest Lesson

然后就到树荫下看书~ 太爱这个地方了



"The culture we have does not make people feel good about themselves. And you have to be strong enough to say if the culture doesn't work, don't buy it." (p.42)

"People are only mean when they're threatened, and that's what our culture does...And when you get threatened, you start looking out only for yourself. You start making money a god. It is all part of this culture." (p.42)

"Love wins. Love always wins. "(p.40)

''We...need to forgive ourselves...For all the things we didn't do. All the things we should have done. You can't get stuck on the regrets of what should have happened. ''(p.166)

''So many people walk around with a meaningless life. They seem half-asleep, even when they're busy doing things they think are important. This is because they're chasing the wrong things. The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning. ''(p.43)

''The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in. ''(p.52)

"...the truth is...if you accept that you can die at any time--then you might not be as ambitious as you are." (p.83)

"The fact is, there is no foundation, no secure ground, upon which people may stand today if it isn't the family." (p.91)

"If you don't have the support and love and caring and concern that you get from a family, you don't have much at all. Love is so supremely important." (p.91)

"Don't cling to things, because everything is impermanent." (p.103)

"You can't substitute material things for love or for gentleness or for tenderness or for a sense of comradeship." (p.125)

"If you hold back on the emotions--if you don't allow yourself to go all the way through them--you can never get to being detached, you're too busy being afraid." (p.104)

"Don't let go too soon but, but don't hang on too long." (p.162)

"Aging is ot just decay...It's growth." (p.118)

"If you're always battling against getting older, you're always going to be unhappy, because it will happen anyhow." (p.118,119)

"...if you're trying to show off for people at the top, forget it. They will look down on you anyhow. And if you're trying to show off for people at the bottom, forget it. They will only envy you. Status will get you nowhere. Only an open heart will allow you to float equally between everyone." (p.127)

"...there are a few rules I know to be true about love and marriage: If you don't respect the other person, you're gonna have a lot of trouble. If you don't know how to compromise, you're gonna have a lot of trouble. If you can't talk openly about what goes on between you, you're gonna have a lot of trouble. And if you don't have a common set of values in life, you're gonna have a lot of trouble. Your values must be alike." (p.149)

" matter where you live, the biggest defect we human beings have is our shortsightedness. We don't see what we could be. We should be looking at our potential, stretching ourselves into everything we can be come." (p.156)

"In the beginning of life, when we were infants, we need others to survive, right? And at the end of life, when you get like me, you need others to survive, right? But here's the secret: in between, we need others as well." (p.157)

"What's wrong with being number two?" (p.159)

"Death ends a life, not a relationship." (p.174)