Wednesday, August 19, 2009


1) The mother said ” this is their place, we don’t have opportunity” reflects that Chinese are treated unequally in the country
2) Scholarship from overseas (probably referring to Singapore) but not local. This is the topic raises once a year
3) The mother wanted the child to leave the country, this is most parents’ dream because they can earn more and leave the country (may be is due to mother’s selfishness also)
4) The Malay girl shows friendliness to the boy means that not all Malay are as bad as what Chinese thought. Some of them are just simple and beautiful
5) At first the boy was rude to the girl, but after seeing her friendly smile, he had changed and took the wrong thing. He also like the girl. There is love between different races
6) Suddenly the mother yelled at him and made him awake, his attitude changed and this shows Chinese still barred the Malay. The negative mindset mindset was planted since young towards Malay.
7) At last the boy took the chocolate, may be want to treat the girl but because of the mother’s screamed, he put back and went inside. This shows that actually Chinese also wanted to step forward and befriend but due to old thinking, the good intention was buried
8) The movie also reflected Chinese bad attitude and refused to accept others. Due to some black sheep Chinese hate the entirely other race, although some of them are good
9) Calculative on 5 cents is Chinese bad attitude
10) Actually some Malay accept bad attitude from Chinese silently. Like the girl in the movie. The boy was rude to her but she had accepted quietly, no reaction and just leave. Actually Malay are the victim too
11) The new generation of Chinese and Malay want to step out from and accept each other but still being affected by negative teaching. They are still unable to befriend without any barrier.
Summary: this movie has 2 parts. First part shows that Chinese are treated unequally in Malaysia. Second part shows the barrier between Chinese and Malay. If we combine both we can see the root of the barrier and the consequences. If Malay want to move a step aside will Chinese follow the second step?


  1. when finished the video, i dunno what the director want to tell us,but after read the comment, i got the ideas...break the barrier and become 1 Malaysia...

  2. interesting! thanks for sharing :)

    this issue, speaking of the racial barrier, is a tough one! hopefully the black sheeps can be vanished ASAP. however, we all know it's hard. hah.


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